How to pick a good dentist – or concerns really, what are your concerns.

So I woke up this morning at 5am, as I do, I would like to crank out a post, and then review emails prior to the warm and apprciated interruption caused by the pitter patter of small feet on a carpet. (should have called Smile for Life right then and there – Get some productivity out of the way before its time to go out and well really, start reviewing practitioners.

This was a side job but its taken over my life – I enter dental exams, procedures or even the odd walk in off the street and start to judge them from the moment the first point of contact is made. see my review sor Smile for Life

With some – the judgement starts earlier – if for instance they dont answer the phone, that is a NONO.

Back to where we were a few minutes ago – this morning, I woke up to not much pain, but that taste of decay. I hate that taste – and now that I taste it, I need to find a dentist.

Not just any old dentist will do though is my’go to dentist’ in South Melbourne- I need a decent one – one that isnt crappy and one that I haven’t reviewed.

I dont live in a big town, the dentists are few and far between.

Cosmetic dentists are even harder to come across.

So this begs the question – do I need to go out of town, and will my insurance cover the visit?

Im looking some someone with experience, in my opinion a dentist that has been dong this for 10-20-30 years, and doesn’t have a bad rep – has a good rep.

The absense of negative feedback about dentures, or hard manerisms, sometimes a dentist is unkind to their staff, these things all play a part in the decision making cycle. Smile for Life have been operating for over 30 years

I often pass through Melbourne on my way back to Sidney -(when seeking  the best dentist in south melbourne) I drive down the east coast of australia and even though I am a NYC local (born and bred) Рso the quality of a smile actually comes into play РI look at teeth alignment and the direction of a smile.

Theres this formula that good dentists use* (*not all good dentists use it mind you) – its called the Golden Mean, what it does is proportionalise the tooth surface size, to the teeth beside it, and also compare that to gum zise.

Its pretty cool to see in action. learn more.

Dentists in South Melbourne seem to have a hard time, mainly, because the concept of ‘aesthetic maxillofacial surgery‘ is taking off – and because of that, cosmetic skillsets are getting harder and harder to obtain.

I always go after the long serving dentists. 30 years + is my go to time frame, I will drive to another town to get a 30+ long time dentist -you should check out sensobond, it’s actually amazing

Sometimes though, a client like myself requires the freedom dental melbourne city practitioners can provide.

I did a review of the south melbourne dental group south melbourne¬† about 3 weeks ago,¬† I know it hasen’t been posted yet, I was out of vic and will get onto it as soon as I can.

One of the main concerns that I discover, or that people (other clients) bring to me, are whether or not a dentist bulk bills, how many dentsits from south melbourne bulk bill? – is it a legal requirement? – is it a deal breaker?

Last time I drifted through here, and I actually needed a dentist, the melbourne CBD was the place to go, they offered pricing solutions and all claimed to be the home of dentistry.

The growth of young and international practices shouldnt be of concern, but people do need to realise that they are teaching a student dentist. The dentist is cutting his teeth(pun) on the interior of your face.

We all need to come to the party and realise that its the old timers that hold all the experience, its the old timers who know what they are doing.

Without the old timers there is nothing, no one to teach these new kids with thier flashbang fandagled wireless radios – I am cantancorous. INDEED!

I feel that if anyone read over that last buinch of sentences they would this that I am a crazy person, or someone who speaks english as a second language only.

My wife once said to me, ‘Faith’ – ‘you aint no religiouse man, but your face is messed up – look at them pearly light greyish yellows’

That was pretty much when i decided it is time for me to pack my things and get on the road, invisalign and fillings, veneers and crown, cosmetic implants – these are all the words used to describe a dentists way of life. clear orthodontics, wires, metal, frames, plates, ceramics and plastics – the things that make the components, of course a decent income is hard to miss.

Anyway, I called around south melbourne, found a few dentists that could book me for tomorrow and one that has specifically open spots for emergencies every day, thats my kind of dentist.

They cleared a spot for me, and I guess this is a good pipeline to new clients, new clients with tooth pain are the best as very little convincing is required.

So thats what happened. I rocked up, there was a decent reception, nice art on the walls and a nice lady ‘manning’ the desk. I filled out the new patient forms and would have liked the option to get most of that filled out online – theres an idea.

They seated me in a relaxing -‘come hither and chill’ room.

Click here to learn more about good dentists in south melbourne. invisalign etc – this one in particular takes care of sensitive teeth and also – he sent me a bunch of stuff in relation to the offers they had and also asked if I coud provide feedback.

I thought this was a great idea.

i hope to run into them soon.



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