Industrial Thinking for Retail Packaging

Welcome to NY-Faith-Justice, today we are going to learn some things, and this series is aimed at the professional packaging designer or potential customers of custom designs for retail display.

creating packaging that sells your products.

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Getting your product into different stores

As an example, if you want to get your product into multiple locations, consider what it would be like to ‘go into a grocery shop.’ This would be any ordinary grocery store. Does your shopping experience resemble that of a trip to a big-box retailer such as Costco in terms of packaging and product selection?

The following are some of the most prevalent varieties of branded retail bags that are used by retail businesses: Paper gift bags with your company’s logo and message are available. Retail bags that may be reused Customers are happy to utilize our products on a regular basis. Plastic bags were provided to help transporting their new merchandise easier. The process of creating unique retail packaging in order to increase sales while also ensuring safer product delivery is what we will be addressing in further detail below.

The Power of Professional Packaging Design

Using professional designers or design teams when producing bespoke retail package designs is often disregarded, resulting in greater costs and losses. Additionally, since design for storage and stacking is not taken into mind, there is often significant rework necessary.

But… 64% of consumers buy something off the shelf without ever being introduced to the brand. (

Industry Standard packaging for retail

In order to be in a variety of retail businesses (stores, online, big box and e-commerce platforms) and increase your sales, you must provide retail design packaging design with a philosophy that is unique to each store you encounter; if you do this, you will be able to capitalize on every opportunity you encounter because your design team planned ahead of time.

 40% of consumers say that gift-like packaging influences them to buy from you again. (

When a buyer sees that you’ve already thought through the retail packaging design issues that face the industry today, and that you’ve explored all of the details that will make their shopping, carrying, and finally unboxing experience as pleasant as possible, they can begin to envision your product on the shelf of their store.

Consider the buyer’s journey from beginning to end.

The failure to do so, the failure to look forward and begin preparing for how your product will ‘belong’ on those shop shelves, will result in the loss of this opportunity.

Use Professional Design Services to cover all your bases. 

You could meet a customer and pass up a chance to assist them in delighting them – a chance that might lead to a sales meeting – and not see these things through – retail package design takes into account factors such as: 

  • palletization
  • case pack pricing
  • stacking
  • volume packaging pricing
  • custom retail packaging

What you need to think about is maintaining a steady supply of your product to guarantee that it continues to sell well across the globe and in a variety of different retail outlets.

And, 44% of consumers agree that premium packaging reinforces the value of a product.

The very first thing you should consider is that there are many various sorts of retailers to choose from. Some of the first sorts that spring to mind are our club and super shops such as Costco, Aldi, and even Coles – however Costco is the one that dominates the market in Australia for the most part.

When you go into a store, there are palettes upon palettes of things to choose from. Because these things are often quite reasonably priced, the margins that you should anticipate to see are really narrow.

That implies that your retail package design must also be ‘value driven,’ meaning that you want to make it inexpensive while also making it extremely simple for customers to pick it up.

If you wish to be able to package your goods for wholesale distribution, have you ever observed that ‘small small bags ‘suddenly become very, enormous’ at such stores?

Because those sorts of businesses want your goods to fill and maximize the 40 by 48 pallet dimensions, you should also consider palletization strategies.

Assuming you’re at a large box shop, this means you’ll want to think about palletization specs, storage, ruggedness, and how to optimize that available space by designing a product that fits precisely inside the “big square.”

 Add that to the fact that 40% of consumers will post photos of your brand online because of unique packaging.


Creating a box that is square or rectangular (designed to be stacked per pallet) will keep your items secure while they are being sent, will enable them to be securely stacked, and will enable them to showcase elegantly.

Your goods must be visually attractive whenever a customer approaches the pallet at Costco; this is another chance for you to develop branding and take use of valuable real estate to promote your goods.

When creating your package, keep in mind that the printing will run down the corridor box, which will serve as a showcase for everything.

Buyers at Big Box Stores also Buy Big

One additional thing to keep in mind while shopping at big-box shops is that customers will be purchasing in large numbers, maybe truckloads.

Consequently, if you’re intending to meet with a large box customer, you’ll want to express your appreciation for all of the following aspects of your packaging solution and the specifications they provide:

What you’re going to do with your packaging is up to you.

What is the maximum number of units of your product that will fit inside a truck?

The following are some examples of items that have been developed for both large box and club stores:

On the palette, you can see the display case in action. Create packaging for boutique businesses that is the polar opposite of what you might see at large bag or club retailers. We like visiting customized smaller stores that specialize in specialty items that are targeted specifically at our demographic. Purchasing extraordinary presents for our friends necessitates the use of a distinctively different kind of luxury packaging.  

You want to think about being ‘flashy and special’, you want to invest that extra money into the glossy or textured finish, the gold foil, the embossed branding because the packaging really sells the product.

You should also consider seasonality when designing for businesses that have a high turnover of products on their shelves. They like that the colors be in keeping with the season. When you meet with your customer, make sure you have something specific in mind for the conversation.

You must have something to offer, so think about what you will put on exhibit. They are often limited to moving smaller numbers and smaller items, and they are equipped with display tables and shelves.

Due to the fact that these types of displays place a strong emphasis on the goods, make certain that whatever you have shows properly while under close scrutiny. 

Statistically, almost 60% of all online retailers have approached

Do you have any packaging that is suitable for use in a constantly changing environment? Going to or the United States Postal Service and looking at the different stock sizes available is your best bet.
Because each standard size box has its own pricing and cost depending on its weight and dimensions, if you’re sending your own items, you should design items and packaging that are specifically designed to fit into those boxes.

Amazon is the big kid on the e-commerce block

You will be able to increase the amount of sales you can make while simultaneously decreasing the cost to the customer.
When a product is sold on, it is put in a box, put on a conveyor belt, and dropped at least three feet. In addition, your delivery person must pull the box, dodge dogs, and speed upstairs in order to prevent dropping items.

Things usually break during shipment, therefore you should build your packaging around your product in order to guarantee that it is secure by the time it is opened and enjoyed by your consumer.

The following is an example: when designing jewelry or ceramics for a big box retailer, we frequently saw breakage rates exceeding 20%!

The solution was to use a soft custom insert that went inside the core gift box and both inside and around the product (see mushroom spore packaging), and we now have zero breakage; therefore, discussing these issues with your packaging supplier is advantageous.