everything you need to know about e-commerce packaging

How to pack for ecommerce

NY Faith Justice will show you how to package and ship your items to guarantee that they reach safely and on time. We’ll go through how to determine shipping costs, which carriers to use, and how to properly label your packages. We’ll show you how to ship and package your orders step by step – no steps missed. In addition, the article will go through Shopify shipping and how it may help you save time and money when placing orders.  You can learn about drop-shipping below, we aren’t specifically covering it in this article, but it is related and may be required for certain types of products – ecommerce generally does not cater to food delivery online.  

This is the only article you’ll need to  read in order to start delivering your goods using appropriet packaging materials with minimal environmental impact.

Online retailers are where the orders are placed. We’ll go through the shipping process using Shopify as they are one of the most popular ecommerce packaging platforms, as well as shipping with insurance, customs declaration, and labelling your items.

Shipping and tracking

As well as customs and declarations, will be covered in the final article. Many carriers, like the USPS, DHL, and DHL, provide free packaging when you ship certain types of packaging via their platform.

DHL staff scanning tracking code on yellow DHL package

Offering free delivery to your customers is a great way to entice them into making a purchase. The better the shipment, the more small and lightweight it is. When your product line is generally regular in terms of weights and sizes, flat rate shipping works well. While a larger order will undoubtedly result in more money in your pocket, postage will still be your responsibility. You may either pay the entire cost of shipping out of your own margins, or you can find a happy medium by raising the prices of the products somewhat to cover the percentage of shipping that you are paying for. It may be more economical to use a bespoke packaging company that provides a one off cost to couriering nation wide.

Carrier-Rate Shipping

Charging carrier-rate shipping is straightforward to execute for small and lightweight products, but it is more complicated for bigger and heavier items since carrier-rate shipping is often charged only for parcels under a specified weight or size. In addition to such environmentally friendly options, see no difficulties and grounded packaging for larger numbers. If you wish to buy wholesale packaging from other suppliers, you should also check at ValueMailer, Fast-Pack, and eSupply store. If you do not wish to pick your item personally, you can have it delivered to your home or business. Insurance and tracking are not unduly expensive. In terms of shipping insurance and tracking, and they provide you with recourse if your merchandise is lost or damaged.

Because some carriers will refuse to carry items that are extremely valuable or delicate, your carrier will convey the cargo to the shipping destination specified by your customer. There are of course other packaging solutions out there that will provide a level of protective packaging to your product.

If you are sending your items outside of your own country, you must include the necessary Customs and declarations paperwork. I’ve only ever used one shipping broker through eShipper, and that’s because they constantly supply bulk shipping pricing, mark them up, and then make those reduced costs available to the general public. Finally, the delivery cost is cheaper than the majority of accessible shipping rates. I needed to ship a package to Indonesia, and eShippers delivered the service for $39 instead of the $100 I would have had to pay through FedEx.

In reality, neither you nor your customer will incur any out-of-pocket charges. It’s a profile; simply click the link in the description box to begin started, and you may acquire a profile by browsing through the website. To create your profile, all you have to do is click on the link. Customers see this documentation when they receive their goods, which tells them how much it costs, whether it’s a gift or a product, and even whether they’ve won a prise. Once you’ve determined the forms you’ll need to attach to your package, check with your country’s postal service to see which forms you must use – and which packaging type is most effective and most economical.

Shopify Shopping

With Shopify, you can print and pay for multiple shipping labels with a single click. By employing a fulfillment center, you may handle your own shipment (if shipping by shipping boxes or poly mailers), saving you time and money. If you want to start an e-commerce company, you need think about factors like shipping costs and how long it takes for your shipments to pick up and drop off merchandise at a warehouse. Simply print your labels on regular printer paper and cut them to get to the item swiftly. After that, simply drag the labels to the packaging with a single click. The most efficient approach for labelling containers is to use a thermal label printer, which applies labels directly on self-adhesive labels.

Instead of utilising a thermal label printer, you may print directly on a self-adhesive label to minimise printing time even further. Instead of printing mailing labels at a print shop, Shopify can print your shipping labels on your computer or phone, saving you time and money on shipping. Shopify is a cloud-based online retail platform for tracking and fulfilling online shopping orders. Customers may choose from a variety of shipping options, including boxes made of cardboard, plastic, or metal, as well as bubble mailers. The company employs a combination of these technologies to make it easier for customers to get their cosmetics in the mail and have them delivered.

Shipping Service Fees

This service is free and will soon be available in the United States and Canada, with a future objective of expanding into the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. If you utilise Shopify, it is absolutely free, but you will be charged for the service. Shipping, labour, and storage fees will cost hundreds of dollars and will most likely cover all other expenses, such as shipping and labour costs. When you need your things mailed, it may take a few weeks to fill a box, but the company claims to offer a variety of options for getting your package to you. You have the option to add the shipment while booking your order, and your shipping charges are not included in the price of the box, so you’ll need to consider how long delivery takes when arranging your buy. You may save money by ordering a 4″ x 5″ card with your logo on one side and an empty area on the other.

Whether you live near a printer or use blueprinting, you may go to a local printer or put the project online. The main idea is that getting to know your brand helps your clients have a deeper feeling of trust in you, which grows your client base. This offers us the power to brand a customer and turn them into a brand advocate, which is something we desire. Every now and then, you’ll receive a thank you email from a founder, but your creator isn’t the sort to send a thank you card. This provides for an excellent start in customer service and a fantastic opportunity to start off on a good note. The next step is to add a card, which you can accomplish by utilizing eShipper, which will provide you with shipping charges, carrier delivery schedules, and a fee for how long the shipment will take.

If I send it, I’ll have to print it off and paste it on the mailing label, and it will be sent to your customer’s home or office, with the client able to see where it’s being sent from and how much it will cost to ship it. When the buyer is pleased, they will feel a sense of achievement. Using a USB-C to standard USB converter, a PC with a USB-C port and a $20 printer may print shipping labels on the USB-C connection. A shipping label informs the postal service about where this shipment will be delivered. In the instance of this specific barcode, the barcode may be used to determine where it was delivered.